Report an unsual Light Phenomenon

at the
White Hill Formation July 21st, 2000

On the 21st July 2000 (around 8:00-9:00pm) I visited together with three of my friends (2 men and a women) the White Hill  Formation, nr Lockeridge Dene, Wiltshire which has been reported 19th July 2000.

It was beautiful formation. I was so impressed by my first visiting cropcircles.The formation looks as if it has three blades and there are spiral crops on each blades. I sat down on the one of spiral crops. At once, I felt somthing spiral energy throughing all my body. It was so comfortable. After a while, I tried to take a photo. When I looked at the monitor of my digital camera, I saw an amazing image. There was spiral light turning above the centre. In a hurry, I took the photo.

What I saw is only throuh the monitor. I think I looked at the crops maybe but I didn't see any.

It was fine weather and comfortable. I saw the "swirl" just 2-3 seconds. Soon, I took the photograph.

My friends did not see the happening. I just showed the photo to all of them. A German guy took a video of my photo from the camera monitor.

I took the image with an Olympus digital camera (CAMEDIA 2.1 Megapixel) Model No.C-990 ZOOM DC6V. I bought this just the day before I left Japan to travel to England.

I have taken some poto of beautiful light by a nomal camera. But I knew that it might be taken because of a reflex action. You know what I mean? But, this is the first time to see 'movement'. It was moving and turning.

After taken this spiral light, I doubted my eyes and tried to take it again. On purpose, tried to get sun light somehow and put it in the monitor. But I couldn't. Because the sun was far left hand side and from my standing position, it was impossible to get it.

Again, I stepped back a bit, turn to left a bit, changed camera angles and took some potos of people on the left hand site with sunlight. But I could not.

Through the monitor when taking, there was sun light line and light colors on it, but the camera does not take light reflection on the replay photo. I hope you understand what I want to say.

All people who intersted in crop circles I met was so nice. I had a very good time in England. I thank to everyone especialy the famers. My purpose of visiting England this time was to see cropcircles. I saw many circles and took a very intersting photo but I wonder... What does this mean? What I got? Has the cropciecles or my photo meaning or purpose? I think the answer is yes. It has a meaning for each one. You can take it as you like. It is not for paticular person but for everyone. At once, it has no meaning and a lot of meaning.

It is transient and last for a little while until desapppear (harvest). Nobody knows the truth. However why people is so fascinated. And me, too. It is so beautiful, amazing and mysterious. I think it's enough to me. The photo? I think it is one of a guide for my sprituality.

Amica Kusaka
361 Waimoto,
Okyamaa, 701-1337

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