Walt Disney/Mel Gibson - Crop Circle Movie

Eine Meldung von David Kingston und Kommentar von Colin Andrews.
A message from David Kingston and a comment by Colin Andrews
(Letzes Update: Wednesday, 21-Apr-2004 20:19:04 CEST )

David Kingston, UK, berichtet, dass Walt Disney im Herbst mit den Dreharbeiten zu einen Thriller SIGNS beginnen wird. Mel Gibson wurde die Hauptrolle angeboten. Die Handlung wird noch geheim gehalten. Aber ist es ist bereits bekannt geworden, dass es etwas mit der geheimnisvollen Entstehung von Kornkreisen auf einem Bauernhof in Pennsylvania zu tun haben soll.

Mel Gibson is mulling an offer from the Walt Disney Co. to star in M. Night Shymalan's supernatural thriller "Signs," which begins shooting in the fall.

The plot for the film is being kept closely under wraps, but it is known to revolve around the mysterious appearances of crop circles on a family farm in Pennsylvania.

Disney picked up the project last month in a multimillion-dollar pre-emptive bid. Gibson, repped by ICM, is shooting Paramount Pictures' "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young," which his production company, Icon, is producing.

Kommentar von Colin Andrews:
When Pat Delgado and I wrote 'Circular Evidence' during 1989, we promised that one day the crop circles mystery would make a great movie. Well its arrived.

Only pity is that while the script will no doubt evolve around some of our experiences and research findings and all the strange experiences we and others since have had, the $10,000,000 was paid in full by Disney films to the script writer only.

The story will no doubt impact many and now that we can view the whole thing as just a movie, millions will think about it for the first time and will be able to consider what is going on.

When the collective consciousness of mankind is impacted with similar thought, our future is affected by the consequences. One way or another 'The Signs' (or at least 20% of them!) really meant business when they showed up in the fields around Stonehenge those two decades and more ago.

Onward -watch out for 'The Signs'!

Colin Andrews

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