"Hohler Stein" at the Doernberg

Discovered 17. Juni 2002

(Last Update: Wednesday, 21-Apr-2004 20:55:06 CEST )



Foto: (c) Klaus Listmann/FGK


On June 17th Klaus Listmann (FGK) discovered a new formation in the Zierenberg area. It is below the Doernberg, close to an ancient place named "Hohler Stein" (hollow stone).
The circle of about 25-30 meters contains the wavelike inner patterns typical in the Kassel-Zierenberg area.
Due to the fact that the crop has already grow up mostly again, the age of the formation seems to be about 3 or 4 weeks, yet. Possibly it has to be dated back to May 10th to 15th...
The formation is located under a power line, which also was seen over the Sinsheim formation near Heilbronn of the year.

Dirk Möller (FGK), Kassel

Foto: (c) Klaus Listmann/FGK

Foto: (c) Dirk Möller/FGK

Foto: (c) Ralf Ritter, Kassel

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