Discovered am 4. Juni 2002

(Letzes Update: Wednesday, 21-Apr-2004 20:55:08 CEST )



Foto: (c) 2002 Andreas Müller/ICCA


Kurt Diedrich reported a formation from the Hunsrueck area:

On Tuesday (4.6.) I saw a formation at the B50 about 1 km before the exit to Hahn airport, right side of the street in a field directly at the street while passing by. It could be well seen, because of being located on a slope.
Seems to be a circle with apendix. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stop because I had to get my plane to France. The quality seems to be an indicator for a man-made formation.
Next townsin the area: Kastellaun im Hunsrueck, Rheinboellen, Boppard 

According to Andreas Müller of invisible(circle, the formation was already discoverd in April. It is located in a field of oil-seed rape directly north of the B50 mainroad between Sohren and Baerenbach - close to Hahn-Hundsrueck airport in Rhineland-Palatinate.


Foto: (c) 2002 Andreas Müller/ICCA (International Crop Circle Archive)


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