Gro▀raum Kassel

Entdeckt am  26. Juni 2002

(Letzes Update: Wednesday, 21-Apr-2004 20:55:17 CEST )


Foto: (c) Klaus Listmann/FGK

At a weekend in the second half of june, probably the night friday to saturday 
(21st-22nd of June, 2002) Kassel greater area got its first formation in wheat 2002. 

According to the owner the 45 meter formation was discoverd on Saturday 22.6.2002.
The owner does not wish visitors in the field and asked not to give exact location, yet. 
Location is known to us and will be named after the season.

Fotos: (c) Klaus Listmann/FGK

ground images by Ralf Ritter, Kassel:

Fotos: (c) Ralf Ritter, Kassel

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