Formation at the "Riesenstein" near Zueschen

Discovered  20. May 2002
GPS-Reference: N 51° 11' 30.1" / E 09° 13' 09.6"

(last update: Wednesday, 21-Apr-2004 21:01:21 CEST )


Foto: (c) Frank Laumen/invisible(circle

Foto: Dirk Möller/FGK

The new formation is in barley and can be found close to an old center of cult worship named "Riesenstein" near Zueschen, Hesse. An area which was host for 3 fornations last year as well.

The formation consists of zwo large elements. At the time of discovery of the formation by FGK-Member Dirk Möller a formation in shape of a "questionmark" or "clef" could be seen from the edge of the field with a small spiral at the left side. The size of this formation is approx. 12 - 15 meters.
From outside the field another "shaddow" could be seen on the hilltop of the fields, which could possibly be another part of the formation. 

This shaddow later came out to be a wonderful crop circle and the more important part of the formation. This part is a 15 - 17 meter circle with an inner symbol of a rising sun with twelve rays of sunlight.
This part is about 20 meter aside the other "clef" part, described above.

It seems the formation was between a week and ten days old at the time of discovery. The - in the meantime 1.20 meters high - barley  has mostly stand up again inside the formation.

The owner of the field Mr. Ritte-Mander does not wish any further visitors in his field. He however allowed free access to the formation for crop circle researchers, for which we'd like to thank him on this way.

Foto: Dirk Möller/FGK

Report on the formation by Martin Keitel (FCCI) under:

Pictures by Ralf Ritter, Kassel:


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Later the field was effected by massive wind damage

Foto: (c) Klaus Listmann/FGK (26.6.02)

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