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Image-Analysis by Waldemar Czarnetzki

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image-processing © Waldemar Czarnetzki/FGK

Waldemar Czarnetzki is primarily engaged in evaluating and analysing pictures taken inside (or near to) crop formations that show - apart from the main photographed object - other objects that were not seen by the photographer directly when the shot was taken. These objects are usually just tiny bright spots often not noticed on the photos.

Using enlargements and digital image-processing much further information can be extracted from these tiny spots.

These 'bright spots' were astonishingly found on several series of photos from English crop circle areas which were taken at different times by different people and at different locations. They seem to be identical with those suspended, mostly spherical, objects video-filmed a few years ago.

By image-analysis it is possible to find out more about these objects.

Detailed reports on Waldemar Czarnetzki's work are published in the "FGK-Report" (the Quarterly journal of the FGK). Waldemar also gives regular lectures at the FGK meetings.

image-processing © Waldemar Czarnetzki/FGK

If you own photos taken in crop circle areas, you should have a closer look at them. Perhaps you are able to find some of these bright spots (not caused by dust particles on the negative) on your photos.

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