Project Sling

Measurements of low-frequency electromagnetic fields

Project leader: Kurt Diedrich

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Project Sling has already been run for a couple of years. It deals with investigation of electromagnetic fields near crop formations.

Using analogue and/or digital measuring methods electromagnetic fields in qualified frequency ranges had been analysed for several weeks every year to ascertain whether there were anomalies in these fields in areas of increased crop circle accumulation.
The corresponding electronic measurement equipment is specifically designed and built by the project leader for his special needs.

The collected data can be compared with dates of known crop circle activities and show correlations to them.

Apart from correlations to the crop circle phenomenon other signals were detected which might lead to other highly interesting fields of investigations - connected with meteorology, for instance.

Detailed reports concerning project Sling are published in the "FGK-Report" (the quarterly journal of the FGK), and lectures are held at the FGK meetings.

pre-testings of the Sling-equipment in 1993