Project Union 1997

project-leader: Klaus Listmann

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On saturday, July 5th 1997, project UNION was launched under the management of Klaus Listmann. Aim of the project was to create a formation in a field of crop under practicable realistic "hoaxing"-conditions. On that occasion the possibilities to create a previously planned pictogram with several people in the dark should be examined. More important, the circle should be the basis for further examinations, already carried out in supposed "genuine" formations or plannedto be carried out in these. Therefore project UNION was subdivided in several subprojects that were carried out on the field or are stll in realization:

Fotos: Harald Hoos / Aerial shot of the formation: Wolfgang Schöppe

Discussion with the farmer Mr. Öttermann
at the project-field near Zierenberg/Burghasungen

Aerial shot of the formation created during the project

Inner views to the formation

The morning after...
project-participants and spectators at the project-field, from which both of the
labyrinth-formations in that area could be seen (see also CropCicles
in Germany '97
and the reportKornkreise bei Kassel 1997 (German)).